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Elvis Pummel 'The One Man Band Battle" LP+CD Quick View high energy Punk, Riot Rock, Metal, Blues & Billy Learn More. Rockabilly CDs, Psychobilly T-Shirts, s Rock 'n' Roll vinyl and Surf instrumental LPs at Raucous Records online store. Canada's BLOODSHOT BILL and Germany's own ELVIS PUMMEL rock it up on this Great box with 13 ORIGINAL 7" singles from Charlie Feathers' own label. “It's a masterpiece,” said Mahmoud Rashad, 37, a doorman and the proud keeper of the elevator in his building in Zamalek, an old-money district. All kind of music but mostly americana, country, punk, surf, rockabilly, psychobilly, swing and other stuff. Mostly stuff that you don't find in your. A metal-punk band that's short on wanking guitar solos and long on power and oomph. A fairly original song demo with some good musicianship. Heres the 1st studio album on vinyl by this old school California Psychobilly Jam-packed compilation from this crazy Rockabilly cat called Elvis Pummel! From Presley to Brooks or Hank Williams to the Mavericks, the globe with their mixture of 50's influenced rockabilly and modern country-rock music. The artwork itself is in the vein of the original Blast Tyrant yet Clutch made Classic Rock's "50 Best Albums of the Decade," with Earth Rocker coming. He and Matt threw together ten original songs in a week, novelty punk stuff with titles like “Missile Head,” “Scrotum Sack Lunch,” and.